Renew EHIC

You can renew your EHIC Card up to 6 months before the expiry date. Additionally you may include a partner to this application at no extra cost, regardless if that partner is renewing or creating a brand new EHIC Card.

Rewnew my EHIC Card

Renew EHIC for just myself and partner

In June 2016, the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Despite this decision, no plans have been announced to scrap the EHIC and the European Health Insurance Card scheme is still in place as it was prior to the referendum. On this basis, you can still receive an EHIC Card from the NHSBSA and it will still cover you in all countries which have state provided healthcare under the EHIC scheme. No changes have been made to the EHIC application process so you can still make an application on our site as per usual.

The notorious paper-based E111 went out of commission over a decade ago and has since been replaced by the more easily manageable European Health Insurance Card. Providing your EHIC is valid and up to date, you can use it to access state provided healthcare, throughout any country in the European Economic Area and Switzerland, at a reduced cost or in some cases free of charge. So if you are a UK resident planning on traveling abroad, it is advisable to carry an up to date valid EHIC Card. Your EHIC is valid for a maximum of five years and you can receive one by making an application through our website.

In no way is our company affiliated, associated, networked or partnered with the NHSBSA or any other government body. Through visiting the ‘’ site, by clicking the link at the top of the page, you can make a free application for an EHIC Card.

You can choose to apply for your EHIC Card using our services. This can be achieved by completing our online application form. Although a small service charge is applicable, in return you receive an application review where our team of experts check for omissions and to see if your application is error free before it is forwarded to the relevant authorities. Our forwarding service prevents any avoidable delays, bounce backs and hold ups making processing your application a smooth and easy transition.